Dog Kennel for Sale

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When choosing between dog kennels for sale, dog owners have never ending options. Some of these are good, while others are not. Many fall for the misconception that every enclosure made with wires is a dog kennel–that’s not the case. Dog owners need to understand the difference.

What Types of Wired Enclosures Are Dog-Friendly?

Dog kennels are only one of the many types of wired enclosures that work to house a dog. Other wired enclosures include dog carriers, crates, and exercise pens. Confusion lies within the difference between dog crates and dog kennels.

Dog crates are smaller than dog kennels–they are a lot smaller. They are for house training. The dog may go to the crate as a form of punishment, making the dog gradually understand the rules of the house. These are not enclosures that are for long-term use. A dog should not be in a dog crate for hours, but many owners fail to realize this fact.

How Can a Dog Owner Buy the Right Kennel?

Many are guilty of not knowing how to tell the difference between a dog crate and a dog kennel. Quite a few also don’t think there is a problem with having their dog in a dog crate for long periods. For any loving dog owner, it is important they buy the right type of enclosure. A dog crate is fine for house training, road trips, and temporary uses, but it’s usually not the right option.

That said, the gray area of dogs living in enclosures while indoors is an undecided topic. The safest bet for pet owners is to give their beloved animals the space they need to breathe and move in without discomfort. That is not an issue when looking at real dog kennels for sale as they are already large.

What Size Kennel Does a Dog Need?

Dog Kennel Size Chart

Most dog kennels are for outdoor use, which requires a design beyond just a large enclosure. For example, some dog kennels include a sunscreen on top. This makes it easier for dogs to relax outside for long hours during the hotter months, which is perfect as this is when dogs most enjoy being outside.
The appropriate size will depend on the type of dog and the usable space in the yard. Owners with more than one dog will need larger enclosure structures. There are some kennels that come with expansion pieces, making it possible to upgrade when more pets come along.

There are also “pet gazebos” that give the outdoor use at a smaller size. These may be a tad too big for indoor use, but are a good idea for dogs that don’t stay outside all day, every day. The commitment of a grand-size dog kennel is significant, but its benefits are worth it. Beyond the added comfort and moving room, the dog also has more space to use the bathroom. This prevents the dog from discomfort early into their time outside because of their bathroom uses. This also means they have a better chance at staying clean.

Conclusion: What Should All Dog Owners Know?

Buying a dog kennel is not rocket science, but there are a few misconceptions to cover first. The most significant being the difference between true dog kennels and other wired enclosures. When shoppers look at dog kennels for sale, they should narrow in on the wired enclosures with enough ground space for the dog to roam around. This will guarantee the utmost comfort for the pet, so no dissatisfaction is possible.
That’s before being picky. Dog owners can then look at the various dog kennels for sale and judge the options based on specific features. For example, the sunscreen may be a selling point for dog owners who allow their dog to stay outside in the sun for long hours.

At the end of the day, there are always going to be a range in quality. Dog kennels for sale come at various price points and include all different sorts of features. A dog owner’s best friend is knowledge. With the lesson learned here, and by throwing in a bit of personal preference, buying a dog kennel will no longer be a challenge.

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